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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ich habe genug

I had to take a radioactive iodine pill this morning, for a thyroid scan--and this meant I couldn’t eat anything or have any coffee until TEN O’CLOCK! (This is alarmingly late for me.) So when it was finally ten o’clock I treated myself to French toast at a diner near the airport here in Bethlehem, and I got very happy while I ate, mostly because of the food and the people around me, especially the four old men (one of whom arrived with his portable oxygen device) at the table next to me. Older people who persevere, supplemental oxygen and all, fill me with admiration and make me stop slouching and feeling sorry for myself. 
And then, on top of that, I was allowing myself simply to sit and eat and read Maira Kalman’s The Principles of Uncertainty, which I highly recommend if you are needing to slow down and deal with your thyroid issues and just get ready to enjoy the holidays without worrying so much about whether you’re getting it all right:
Maira Kalman embroiders quotes from Goethe and Abraham Lincoln onto white linen, and on a white dress she embroidered “Ich habe genug,” the name of a Bach Cantata, meaning “I have enough.” A lovely reminder at this time of year.

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